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Not an ounce of common sense in any of you. As regards the Brahmanas of the Rigveda, two of such works have been handed down, the Aitareya and the Kaushitaki (or Sankhayana)-Brahmanas, which have a large amount of their material in common. Shields (1825-1904), who afterwards entered the Protestant Episcopal Church, republished and urged the adoption of the Book of Common Prayer as amended by the Westminster Divines in the royal commission of 1661; and Henry Van Dyke was prominent in the latter stage of the movement for a liturgy. Examples of Common in a sentence. Common nouns are not capitalized unless they’re in a title, or the first word in a sentence. CK 1 1961707 I thought you two would have a lot in common. But on the whole, the Crimean flora has little in common with that of the Caucasus.'. Why level downward to our dullest perception always, and praise that as common sense? Kris slid two rare green life crystals across the table, the common form of payment for an assassination not ordered by Death herself. In addition to its small size, it shared a common wall to the Dean's quarters, infringing on their privacy. Meanwhile, no scheme for combination against common foes arose in the peninsula. Conducted by the university in 2008. He consented to do so, but entrenched himself within a peculiar institution, the oprichina or "separate estate.". Strange though, when I asked if gunshots were common, they answered yes, but it was a quiet weekend; none had been reported for several days. Albs were originally quite plain, but about the 10th century the custom arose of ornamenting the borders and the cuffs of the sleeves with strips of embroidery, and this became common in the 12th century. The hotter the zinc the thinner the coating, but as a high temperature of the bath is attended with certain objections, it is a common practice to use a moderate temperature and clear off the excess of zinc by passing the plates between rollers. It was a terribly wifty idea, devoid of any rationality or common sense. As regards their common opposition to the Turk, this appeal led to nothing; but it marked the growth of a new Italian consciousness. A girl that young didn't usually have much common sense. Whilst succinite is the common variety of European amber, the following varieties also occur: Gedanite, or "brittle amber," closely resembling succinite, but much more brittle, not quite so hard, with a lower meltingpoint and containing no succinic acid. Such a comparison is necessarily illogical, as the existing apes are separated from the common ancestor by at least as large a number of generations as separate it from any of the forms of existing man. Small cuttlefish are in common use as an article of diet. This was a common proceeding. Hind-feet short and broad, with five welldeveloped toes; the first large, nailless and opposable; the second and third slender and united by a common integument as far as. A common activity for new mothers is to calm and soothe their crying babies since babies cry for many different reasons on a daily basis. This again was not at the outset an exclusive right of the crown; it was common for a leader in battle to grant to some one not of his family, who had specially distinguished himself, the right to bear the whole or part of his coat of arms, differenced or undifferenced. What did these women have in common? Unfortunately Poland profited little or nothing by this great triumph, and now that she had broken the back of the enemy she was left to fight the common enemy in the Ukraine with whatever assistance she could obtain from the unwilling and unready Muscovites. Berachiah, 2 the compiler of the "Fox Fables" (which have much in common with the "Ysopet" of Marie de France), is generally thought to have lived in Provence in the 13th century, but according to others in England in the 12th century. In Venetia it is more common than elsewhere in Italy for owners to till their own soil. The stem may contain a single coenosarcal tube (" monosiphonic ") or several united in a common perisarc (" polysiphonic "). A Sicilian church has nothing in common with a French or an English church; it is sometimes purely Oriental, sometimes a basilica with pointed arches. This is a common observation. C. Eyton to have some very exceptional osteological features, and these were found to be also common to Pteroptochus and Scytalopus. CK 2473608 We don't have a lot in common. Synonym Discussion of common. In Gloucestershire simnel cakes are still common; and at Usk, Monmouth, the custom of mothering is still scrupulously observed. She has nothing in common with him. For common action people always unite in certain combinations, in which regardless of the difference of the aims set for the common action, the relation between those taking part in it is always the same. Hybrid 3312447 We have very little in common. Regular 7. "We ourselves eat only common food," answered the shah. It is one of the strongest instances furnished by history of the fascination exercised by an idea that the Italians themselves should have grown to glory in this dependence of their nation upon Caesars who had nothing but a name in common with the Roman Imperator of the past. Twice, though the first time is not common knowledge. Sentence with the word common. What do those items have in common? For each word, I include the most common definition plus the word in a sentence that’s relevant to people in counselor roles. In England rood lofts do not appear to have been introduced before the 14th century, and were not common till the 15th. A sentence can also be a fragment if it does not contain a subject and/or a verb. MAIMONIDES, the common name of RABBI MOSES BEN. Pidgin English is the common language along the coast. 2. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The most common of these sulphides is cobaltous sulphide, CoS, which occurs naturally as syepoorite, and can be artificially prepared by heating cobaltous oxide with sulphur, or by fusing anhydrous cobalt sulphate with barium sulphide and common salt. He had that common sense of a matter-of- fact man which showed him what he ought to do. South of it is Eltham Common (37 acres), and in the E. of the borough are Plumstead Common (103 acres) and Bostall Heath (134 acres). A polystelic con g dition arises in some members of this order by the association of collateral 8 bundles round common centres. variation in resistance of the transmitter spoken into causes a variation of the pressure at the line terminals of the impedance coils, and since those terminals are common to the two circuits the variable E.M.F. How to use common in a sentence. Pledges were often made where the intrinsic value of the article was equivalent to the amount of the debt; but antichretic pledge was more common, where the profit of the pledge was a set-off against the interest of the debt. 3. The phenomenon was quite common between 9.30 A.M. A small variety of the common mushroom found in pastures has been named A. velutinus, a slender, ringless, hollow-stemmed, blackgilled fungus, common in gardens and about dung and stumps; it is about the size of a mushroom, but thinner in all its parts and far more brittle; it has a black hairy fringe hanging round the edge of the cap when fresh. I have a lot in common with my sister. We enjoy each other's company and we have a lot in common. Excrescences may be divided into those occurring on herbaceous tissues, of which Galls are well-known examples, and those found on the woody stem, branches, &c., and themselves eventually woody, of which Burrs of various kinds afford common illustrations. Example sentences with the word common. The sea mammals include the common dolphin (Delphinus delphis). In speaking of the incommensurability of values, Berlin seems to have meant that there is no common measure, no ˜ common currency™ for comparison, in judging between any two values in the abstract.. Moore was not a systematic philosopher: unlike Reid's philosophy of common sense, Moore's ˜ common sense™ is not a system. Jerusalem was known as Uru-salim. in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales prefaces his account of Alexander with the statement that his story is so common That every wight that hath discrecioun Hath herd somewhat or all of his fortune. Find more ways to say common, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The best soils are in the west section, where limestone clays or shell marls are common. The most common wild animals are deer, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, woodchucks and muskrats. He declared, when answering a complaint that a certain captain in his regiment was a better preacher than fighter, that he who prayed best would fight best, and that he knew nothing could" give the like courage and confidence as the knowledge of God in Christ will. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Divorce is rare, unfaithfulness after marriage not common and incest unknown. the result should be "h".. What I … By the comparison, for instance, of a number of boats, the mind abstracts a certain common quality or qualities in virtue of which the mind affirms the general idea of "boat.". January 17, 2018 Existing marsupials may be divided into three main divisions or sub-orders, of which the first, or Polyprotodontia, is common to America and Australasia; the second, or Paucituberculata, is exclusively South American; while the third, or Diprotodonts, is as solely Australasian inclusive of a few in the eastern Austro-Malayan islands. By the common law of England a corpse is not the subject of property nor capable of holding property. The lateral union of the branches to form a solid thallus is not, however, so common, nor is it carried to so high a pitch of elaboration as in the Rhodophyceae. Peasant proprietorship is most common in Lombardy and Piedmont, but it is also found elsewhere. The possession of the character in the archecentric condition in (say) two of the members of the group does not indicate that these two members are more nearly related to one another than they are to other members of the group; the archecentric condition is part of the common heritage of all the members of the group, and may be retained by any. In view of this contingency the Russian and French military authorities studied the military questions in common, and the result of their labours was the preparation of a military convention, which was finally ratified in 1894. Under the disguise of doctors, midwives, school teachers, governesses, factory hands or common labourers, they sought to make proselytes among the peasantry and the workmen in the industrial centres by revolutionary pamphlets and oral explanations. Next in order come the tentacles, common to all Cnidaria. Saxon was at this period the common title of all the north German tribes; there was but little difference between Frisians and Saxons either in race or language, and they were closely united for some four centuries in common resistance to the encroachments of the Frankish power. A handful of common sense is wort 70, 71), common in the Mediterranean and other seas. This kind of hunger is common and generally is what has triggered food riots, now and in the past. She will only utilize it for common good. A colony enclosed by a common gelatinous test c. stigma. We had a surprising amount in common. From that time certainly equity, like common law, has professed to take its principles wholly from recorded decisions and statute law. CK 1779748 We don't have much in common. He took up his residence in Avila, where he had built a convent; and here he resumed the common life of a friar, leaving his cell in October 1497 to visit, at Salamanca, the dying infante, Don Juan, and to comfort the sovereigns in their parental distress. Existing classifications, however, do not take account of any difference in kind between mountain and hills, although it is common in the German language to speak of Hiigelland, Mittelgebirge and Hochgebirge with a definite significance. Such A y es laevocarotidinae of Garrod are common, e.g. common ancestor in a sentence English words and Examples of use Example Sentences for "common ancestor" Coryphoideae is the most diverse subfamily and is a paraphyletic group, meaning that all members of the group share a common ancestor but the group does not … The absurd attempt was, and sometimes is still, made by geographers to include all natural science in geography; but it is more common for specialists in the various detailed sciences to think, and sometimes to assert, that the ground of physical geography is now fully occupied by these sciences. But there are also species, though not Passerine, which are absolutely identical with those of Britain, the barn owl, common quail, pigmy rail, and little grebe or dabchick, all of them common and apparently resident in the island. Looking for sentences with "Common"?Here are some examples. That is our common misfortune, and I shall grudge nothing to help you. Give me a few common tools and some food, and I will do well enough, said the sailor. Direct division is a much less common phenomenon than was formerly supposed to be the case. Again, while they differ physically from neighbouring races, while there is practically nothing in common between them and the Malays, the Polynesians, or the Papuan Melanesians, they agree in type so closely among themselves that they must be regarded as forming one race. Somehow, considering Gladys, Effie or Claire seemed to stretch common sense more than an overweight bungee jumper. is the ancient and common view; but even in the 15th century B.C. GALVANIZED IRON, sheet iron having its surface covered with a thin coating of zinc. Each common English phrase includes real audios and scripts which help you learn sentence structures better, and make sentences in English much more easily. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I mean, we grew up together, so we have a lot in common, but... Carmen took her to the doctor, but he said there was no cure for the common cold and not to worry about it. In the United States imprisonment for debt was universal under the common law, but it has been abolished in every state, except in certain cases, as where there is any suspicion of fraud or where the debtor has an intention of removing out of the state to avoid his debts. It's not common knowledge yet, Wynn whispered. How to use common in a sentence. Kaolin, fire-clays and brick-clays are common to all the states. Nation-states allow groups of people to create governments that reflect their common values. The engine has much in common with modern ones. The common monoclinic variety is obtained by allowing a crust to form over molten sulphur by partially cooling it, and then breaking the crust and pouring off the still liquid portion, whereupon the interior of the vessel will be found coated with long needles of this variety. It is the common result of fires passing alongtoo rapidly to burn the trees; and thin-barked treeshornbeam, beech, firs, &c. may exhibit it as the results of sunburn, especially when exposed to the south-west after the removal of shelter. A common danger causes common action. Living together before marriage is quite common in this country. Conifers are scantily represented by Callitris and Podocarpus, which is common to all three sub-regions; and Cycads by the endemic Encephalartos and Stangeria. Irritation and hypertrophy of cells are common signs of the presence of parasites, as ovinced by the numerous malformations, galls, witches-brooms, &c., on diseased plants. The one wished to throw Indiana into the common stock, the other refused to lend his name, or even part of his name, to a work in which he had had no share. If we take the number of Nearctic species at 700, which is perhaps an exaggeration, and that of the Palaearctic at 850, we find that, exclusive of stragglers, there are about 120 common to the two areas. Tom was sitting in the front of the bus. Schimper had previously maintained that the action of common salt in the cell-sap is detrimental as regards assimilation. For vei Lmple, the sand dunes of North America and those of western am rope are widely separated in geographical position and there- ge~ e in floristic composition, yet they are related by common rai: The effect of common salt on the metabolism of plants is not understood. The cock, in his plumage of yellowish-green and yellow is one of the most finely coloured of common English birds, but he is rather heavily built, and his song is hardly commended. The scorpion and the centipede are both common. Every face, from Denisov's to that of the bugler, showed one common expression of conflict, irritation, and excitement, around chin and mouth. In a steam vessel running at high speed on an ocean route, with engines working smoothly and uniformly, a careful officer with correct line and glass can obtain very accurate results with the common log. Giles's journeys added greatly to our knowledge of the characteristics of Western and South Australia, and he was able to bear out the common opinion that the interior of Australia west of 132° E. The former Royal Dockyard was made over to the War Office in 1872 and converted into stores, wharves for the loading of troopships, &c. The Royal Artillery Barracks, facing Woolwich Common, originally erected in 1775, has been greatly extended at different times, and consists of six ranges of Brick building, including a church in the Italian Gothic style erected in 1863, a theatre, and a library in connexion with the officers' mess-room. It is darker in the woods, even in common nights, than most suppose. In consequence the special sciences and the wisdom of common life entangle themselves easily and frequently in contradictions. 4. It's not a word in common usage . The common wall separating the pits of the two adjoining cells is pierced by strands of protoplasm. Many of the dreams that had delighted my young inexperience became beautifully less and "faded into the light of common day.". - Polypodium vulgare, of leaf of Polypodium bearing common polypody (about a nat. Unfortunately, on this, as on other critical occasions, deputies proved themselves incapable of common effort to promote general welfare. Common sense tells us the obvious is usually where the truth rests and the obvious is either Fitzgerald or someone in the Dawkins family. Random Common Sentences. Revised on November 9, 2020. The gas also occurs in minute quantities in the common minerals of the earth's crust. Quarrels of a kind only too common among exiles followed; the Hungarians were especially offended by his claim still to be called governor. When workmen from any province come, for instance, to St Petersburg to engage in the textile industries, or to work as carpenters, masons, &c., they immediately unite in groups of ten to fifty persons, settle in a house together, keep a common table and pay each his part of the expense to the elected elder of the artel. The buds may all become detached after a time and give rise to separate and independent individuals, as in the common Hydra, in which only polyp-individuals are produced and sexual elements From Allman's Gymnoblastic Hydroids, by permission of are developed the Council of the Ray Society. The common idea of the origin of things is that of an absolute creation of matter and mind alike. For Belgium and Holland; abandoned by a common accord. Mildred O'Malley, his wife was not listed as living in Massachusetts and the name was too common for Betsy to look in all the states. The history of the Roman commonwealth illustrates this perhaps better than any other.' Claire gave a hint of a nod, remaining under the archway to the parlor, as if entering might subject her to some vile disease from these common folk. Probably, however, the most common cause is an injury upon, or a crack through, the wall. Investigators found common threads in the circumstances of the suicides last year. Those who tried to understand the general course of events and to take part in it by self-sacrifice and heroism were the most useless members of society, they saw everything upside down, and all they did for the common good turned out to be useless and foolish--like Pierre's and Mamonov's regiments which looted Russian villages, and the lint the young ladies prepared and that never reached the wounded, and so on. The parts of the flower are most frequently arranged in fives, or multiples of fives; for instance, a common arrangement is as follows, - five sepals, succeeded by five petals, ten stamens in two sets of five, and five or fewer carpels; an arrangement in fours is less frequent, while the arrangement in threes, so common in monocotyledons, is rare in dicotyledons. You are a common felon. 5. She's not heavily endowed with common sense or ambition, but she does have attributes. C. Stirling indicate that in the enclosed as far as the nails in structure of the feet this creature a common integument. _undertoad 2643002 They have one thing in common. Bishop Williams, a kinsman of Cromwell's, relates at this time that he was "a common spokesman for sectaries, and maintained their part with great stubbornness"; and his earliest extant letter (in 1635) is an appeal for subscriptions for a puritan lecturer. Maximowiczfinds that 40% of the plants of Manchuria are common to Europe and Asia, but the proportion falls sharply to i6% in the case of Japan. This was the name in common use when the Jesuits entered China towards the end of the 16th century, and began to send home accurate information about China. It too, held the welcoming atmosphere of a hospital waiting room, with a living room, expansive kitchen, informal dining area and hallways leading off each side of the common areas. It may be obtained as a dark brown amorphous powder by placing a mixture of io parts of the roughly powdered oxide with 6 parts of metallic sodium in a red-hot crucible, and covering the mixture with a layer of well-dried common salt. Beudant in 1824) also has reference to the azure-blue colour; the name chessylite, also in common use, is of later date (1852), and is from the locality, Chessy near Lyons, which has supplied the best crystallized specimens of the mineral. CK 1 305068 They have something in common with each other. Apprehending the importance of Italian federation, Lorenzo, by his personal tact and prudent leadership of the republic, secured peace and a common intelligence between the five powers. in 1314, ruled their lands in common, but after some trouble between them Rudolph abdicated in 1317. The application of "common sense" to the problem of substance supplied a more satisfactory analytic for him than the scepticism of Hume which reached him through a study of Kant. You will learn common phrases to ask how someone is, express how are you are, how to invite someone here, how to respond to situations… among other situations so that you can improve your English Vocabulary and use these common English phrases when speaking in English. Oracular possession of the kind above described is also common among savages and people of lower culture; and Dr Tylor, in his Primitive Culture, ii. Why not interpret at once and render intelligible the common conception originating in natural science, viz. On the other hand, serious difficulties arise if we assume that every animal sacrificed represents a deity; and even assuming that such a belief underlies the rite of animal sacrifice, a modification of the belief must have been introduced when such sacrifices became a common rite resorted to on every occasion when a deity was to be approached. This is a common event. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The most primitive combination, ambiens and A B X Y, is the most common; next follows that of A X Y, meaning the reduction of B, i.e. Not only was Pierre's attempt to speak unsuccessful, but he was rudely interrupted, pushed aside, and people turned away from him as from a common enemy. ), of sessile polyp-like medusae (Lucernaria, &c.). Examples of Common law in a sentence. Fred, age seventy-six, was quick to embrace any hint of mystery and attach it to the most common everyday happening. It is thus a common mineral in all copper mines, and sometimes occurs in large masses, as in Arizona and in South Australia, where it has been worked as an ore of copper, of which element it contains 55%. Here come the police. At atmospheric pressure the discharge is able to pass through a far greater distance in helium than in the common gases. common flesh, which cannot be assigned more to one individual than another, but consists of a more or less complicated network of tubes, corresponding to the hydrocaulus and hydrorhiza of the primitive independent polypindividual. After taking orders he went (1770) to Rome, where he obtained the degree of doctor of theology and common law, and devoted himself enthusiastically to the study of the fine arts, especially of architecture and painting. Comparing the Alps with the Pyrenees, according to Ball, each has about half its flora common to the other: Of species common to the two, Maximowicz finds that Manchuria possesses 40% and scarcely 9% that are endemic. This is the result of my experience in raising beans: Plant the common small white bush bean about the first of June, in rows three feet by eighteen inches apart, being careful to select fresh round and unmixed seed. You and Damian have a common enemy, one that threatens both of you. Foxes are common in the neighborhood of Rome. The common law as it existed before his time was wholly inadequate to cope with the new cases and customs which arose with the increasing development of commerce. Common experience shows that temperature is the most important condition which controls the distribution of plants. Definition of Common law. Each tribe occupied a recognized territory, averaging perhaps a dozen square miles, and used a common dialect. 3. Sackler and DeLeo, partners for nearly 12 years, had more in common than their constant arguing would suggest. Filey is in favour with visitors who desire a quiet resort without the accompaniment of entertainment common to the larger watering-places. It precludes the explanation of any common features in the dissevered porciuns of the tropical area of vegetation by lateral communirations, and throws back their origin to the remotest geological antiquity. They said that a bright boy like George would not long be a common sailor. The common people, whom he had always favoured at the expense of the boyars, thereupon implored him to come back on his own terms. The species of Hydra, however, are extremely common and familiar inhabitants of ponds and ditches. When the common sense fairy smacks you upside the head, you know where to find me. A bitter principle to which the name of quercin has been applied by Gerber, its discoverer, has also been detected in the acorn of the common oak; the nutritive portion seems chiefly a form of starch. He Traveled to the common area of the newbie barracks, where Bianca lay on her stomach across the couch in front of the TV. CK 2267909 That word isn't in common use. "We have a common enemy," Andre reminded them. To ascertain the ship's speed by the common log four articles are necessary - a log-ship or log-chip, log-reel, log-line and log-glass. : The beginning of a century of the Common Era is a purely artificial division of time. No genus or species of palm, for example, is common to the Old and New Worlds. "That in which men differ from brute beasts," says Mencius, "is a thing very inconsiderable; the common herd lose it very soon; superior men preserve it carefully.". The iris is in most young birds at first brown or dull-coloured, but with maturity attains often very bright tints which add considerably to the charm of the bird; sexual dimorphism is in this respect of common occurrence. The Emilian region is one where regular rotations are best observeda common shift being grain, maize, clover, beans and vetches, &c., grain, which has the disadvantage of the grain crops succeeding, each other. Ours is a common misfortune and we will share it together. It is common to all Germanic languages; cf. Trophosome polyps forming branching colonies of which the stem and main branches are thick and composed of a network of anastomosing coenosarcal tubes covered by a common ectoderm and supported by a thick chitinous perisarc; hydranths similar to those of Coryne; gonosome, sessile gonophores. He was a judge of the New Hampshire Court of Common Pleas in 17761 777, a member (and speaker) of the New Hampshire House of Representatives from 1776 until 1782, a member of the state Constitutional Convention of 1778 and of the state Senate in 1784-1785, and in1783-1784was again a member of Congress.

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