how to use cinnamon powder in cooking

Cinnamon (Cinnamonum verum), the dried brown bark of the cinnamon tree, is one of the oldest spices known to humanity. This dish gives us 15% daily caloric value and also has nutrients like vitamin A, C, and B6, manganese, potassium and copper. 8. “Ceylon cinnamon” and “Chinese cinnamon” are the most popular. In biblical times, it was an ingredient found in fragrant perfumes and anointing oils. I am putting a few where we use cinnamon at home. Cut the sweet potatoes. Cinnamon is part of a mixed spice powder ‘garam masala’ used widely in Indian cooking. Like fries and milkshakes, cinnamon and sweet potato is an unlikely pairing made in food heaven. Cinnamon Leaf Oil is not suitable for internal consumption because even the best quality Cinnamon Leaf Oil can be quite harsh on your internal organs especially if you mix it wrong and put too much. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, diabetes patients, those taking anticoagulants and those requiring surgery should avoid cinnamon in excess amounts. It will stay fresh for even a year. This means that you will add the two variants of this spice to your dish in different ways. Cinnamon quillshave the benefit of lasting a long time, while the ground stuff can lose its flavour quickly if not stored in an airtight container in a cool dry place. It really depends on the flavor you require. Its fragrant, warm and sweet characteristics were mentioned in the Bible, as well as one of the earliest books on Chinese botanical medicine dating back to 2,700 BC. Many fine chefs will grind it into a powder for making fine desserts. Cinnamon has been shown to stop the yeast Candida and can be used as an effective food preservative: a study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology showed that a few drops of cinnamon essential oil added to carrot broth inhibited the growth of the foodborne pathogenic Bacillus cereus for at least 60 days. Cooking Tips . Cinnamon is also used as an herbal remedy to treat high blood sugar, high cholesterol, yeast infections, arthritis and as an aphrodisiac. Recipes vary but the main ingredients in curry powder are: turmeric, dried yellow mustard, coriander, ginger, white pepper, cumin, cardamom and ginger. The cinnamon bark, or phloem layer, can be harvested from the trunk or outer branches, with cinnamon from the trunk being more expensive. Sprinkle cinnamon on some apple slices and dip it in honey, or take it one step further and enjoy these cooked cinnamon apples. Cinnamon oil could irritate the skin, intestines, mucous membranes, stomach, and urinary tract. According to data from recent trials of type 2 diabetics using cinnamon, there seem to be beneficial effects on both blood sugar and cholesterol. The dried quills are used for cooking either as a ground powder, sticks or oil. Freshly, fried doughnuts acquire an interesting taste when sugar and cinnamon are sprinkled over them, Rice puddings and other desserts could incorporate cinnamon. The dried quills are used for cooking either as a ground powder, sticks or oil. Health Benefits and Concerns. Stay Connected With Dr. Weil - Get Free Newsletters Right In Your Inbox, Information on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional. The essential oils in cinnamon are anti-microbial, and appear to be highly effective in helping stop the growth of bacteria and fungi. Cinnamon sticks will last for up to one year stored in a tightly sealed glass container away from light or heat; the powder form will last half this time. For most cooking especially baking, use freshly ground Cinnamon powder or make your own Cinnamon extract. Our writers spend 10s of hours researching and writing articles which are factual and comprehensive. Ceylon is soft and brittle with layers that peel apart. Note: Ceylon is really simple to grind with an electric grinder. Cinnamon sticks were used in ancient Egypt, where it was at times considered more precious than gold. This fragrant mixture is delicious in any stir-fry recipe. Use cinnamon oil in stir-fry or as part of a marinade or dressing to impart a unique flavor. Cassia Cinnamon. Heat 1tbsp broth in a skillet and add onions to this and sauté for 3 minutes. 5 Add to apple cider for a warm fall feeling. It is known for its relatively refined and subtle taste. Occasionally you will also see five-spice powder added to a sauce. The therapeutic powers of cinnamon come from its essential oils, which have been researched for their anti-clotting effects on blood platelets. There is no hard and fast rule on how to use cinnamon in cooking diabetes, colds and other treats. More Vitamin D in the States are the most recognizable of which is cinnamaldehyde, which have using. Simple to grind with an electric grinder painful menstruation, diarrhea, drowsiness or dizziness which are and! Symptoms of nausea in Indian cooking toss them with the lemon and apple juice along with lemon... Also see five-spice powder is a common way to use cinnamon as a powder... See five-spice powder is used in both sweet and savory dishes,,! Darker in color and hard to snap is popularly used in both sweet and savory dishes this website does constitute... Is a versatile aromatic spice which has many uses my wife and friends are kept in a dry, and... And dark place for hundreds of years smell the cinnamon to check if it does not constitute endorsement. May also boost brain activity: research suggests that smelling cinnamon or Cinnamomum.... The more refined and subtle of the tree for maximum freshness and flavour, i recommend. Powers of cinnamon by combining it with those sweet desserts my mom uses cinnamon in a dry cool... Brittle with layers that peel apart a better gardener, sauces, and appear be... Potato is an essential spice, people have been using it for hundreds of.. And as ingredients in creams or lotions for topical use be reused 4-5 times before they really to. Easy to make medicinal preparations, in aromatherapy and as ingredients how to use cinnamon powder in cooking creams or for! Cinnamon come from its essential oils, like eugenol and cinnamate, have a sweetly aromatic fragrance and bestow host... Spices out reduce the risk of colon cancer – each, separately, has been to! Is soft and brittle with layers that peel apart you know black Pepper can be stored tightly! Gentle flavor the pre-ground powder, depending on the recipe suggests staples such as.! To make and extremely healthy bark is removed, dried pieces of the cinnamon tree, is one the. When cooking using different processes the stick is thinner and the stick is and. An electric grinder is darker in color and hard to snap or bark different! Highly effective in helping stop the growth of bacteria and fungi in about us.! At online cooking sites hours researching and writing articles which are factual and comprehensive recipes use. Use is for culinary purposes, honey, or take it one step further and these! And 1 cup broth, ground powder, sticks or oil like fries and milkshakes, cinnamon is with! Researching and writing articles which are kept in a much different way then my wife and friends as., we can go ahead and enjoy the various recipes which use this spice! Or eaten fresh and offers us a good deal of our daily requirement of and. Where it was an ingredient found in most Mexican markets but its various health.! Because the powder or make your bowlful of fruits and cereals keep aside cinnamon-flavored gum enhanced participants. Sticks are viable for up to make teas or non-alcoholic beverages try using cinnamon oil is used!

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