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At the lower elevations, these fixed camps have individual toilet “cubicles”, and always have a source of running water (though this water is not always safe to drink). Our trained and experienced staff will assist you every step of the way in finding the perfect gear for your next adventure whatever the weather. Also, there is little to no ice on the Gondogoro La descent, which removes the need to use crampons. 5-6 pairs are sufficient. Recommendation: Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Bag. The earliest you would want to attempt the trek would be towards the end of June. It traverses some of the most spectacular mountain scenery on the planet, the most humbling of which is seen at Concordia where the world’s most majestic coliseum of high peaks is guarded by the crown of the Karakoram: K2. The sun is super intense, shade is non-existent, and you’ll need every bit of protection you can get. For a majority of the trek, you do not need gaiters. For expeditions starting in June or early July though, not packing crampons would be a mistake. A summer alpine boot is not an unreasonable choice. Unlike the trek to Everest Base Camp, arriving at the K2 base is not the end-all highlight of the trip. 1 Day / About 8 hours . K2 Base Camp Trek Journey to the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods in the world’s most spectacular range This fabled route up the Bal­toro Glac­i­er to K2 base camp is tru­ly one of the world’s great­est treks, and jus­ti­fi­ably so. You probably do not need more than an 8o liter bag, but if you have a bulky sleeping bag or other large items, getting a few extra liters is not a bad idea. There are no teahouses or villages along the way, and the distances are longer than for example an Everest Base Camp trek. Close, Chris Lininger is a writer, photographer, and guide from California. It is a separate administration unit since 1970 but it is administered directly by Islamabad under the UN resolution. Budget backpackers might be tempted to go for the cheapest possible option, which in the end, may work out for them just fine. Use suncream and sun protection: Spend money on quality sunscreen, a good hat, and a nice top base layer. The K2 Base Camp Trek is a non-technical walk through amazing mountain scenery, but it is a demanding trek. If you are new to using trekking poles, now is the time to learn. The skin on your face will thank you. All hail the mighty Grayl Geopress. Recommendation: Merino Icebreaker 200 Oasis. The No Objection Certificate (NOC): I’ll start by saying that for travelers, obtaining the NOC is NOT your responsibility to apply for. We’d love to have you join us in 2021, so if you are interested in an absolute trekking adventure of a lifetime, check out our full itinerary for 2021 dates and details. For the snowy sections of trail around Concordia, Ali Camp, and Gondogoro La, having gaiters was a godsend. I suggest that you go with a plan that will cover you for damage to your personal effects and offers compensation for emergency helicopter rescues (just in case). Skardu is the place where your guides and cooks will organize themselves before the trek. The trek is accessible through the Askole Village of the Baltistan region. The drawback is that they stay sweatier for longer. Day 12: K2 Base Camp (5,100 m) and Broad Peak Base Camp (4,800 m) Day 13: Trek towards Ali Camp (4,800 m) chasing Baltoro’s upper part Day 14: Gondogoro La Trek - Crossing the Gondogoro La/Pass (5,585 m). K2 Base Camp Trek (2021) K2 Base Camp Trek is considered as the world’s famous high altitude trekking route, challenging and demanding but equally rewarding, delightful and remarkable as well. You do NOT want to roll your ankle out here. K2 Base Camp Trek Guide: Everything You Need To Know. My 14-day K2 base camp trek in Karakoram mountains of #Pakistan, followed by a crossing of the technical Gondogoro La Pass.At 8,611m (28,251ft), #K2 is the second highest mountain in … The ascent is controversial because Lacedelli and Compagnoni established their camp at a higher elevation than originally agreed with Mehdi and Bonatti. Check out our full Black Diamond Alpine FLZ review. There is a lot of downtime on the K2 Base Camp Trek. When it is not quite cold enough to throw on the down jacket, the fleece acts as a comfy around the camp layer. This will serve as your lifeline in case you slip and fall on the descent. Gaiters: I almost always hike with gaiters now, as they help to keep stones, mud, and water out of my hiking boots. Before, travelers had to submit their passport and documents directly to the Pakistani consulate in their home country. From $600 $400. Trekking in mountain environments is inherently dangerous. Now that we have covered essential gear, let’s take a look at the clothing systems required for this trek. I consent to my personal information being processed in accordance with The Broke Backpackers, The Ultimate Guide to the K2 Base Camp Trek, Buried in the Sky: Extraordinary Story of the Sherpa Climbers on K2’s Deadliest Day. As always, when planning a major trip into the mountains, having the right gear is one of the bests ways to prepare your self for a happy and successful trekking experience. Headlamp: A staple on any trek. This is the pack that you will hike with daily. This means that if you book your accommodation, buy a book or sort your insurance, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Down Jacket: Like hiking boots, a sleeping bag, and a water filter bottle, having a good down jacket is 100% crucial for the K2 Base Camp trek. A walk through the chaotic Skardu bazaar provides a welcome introduction to mountain life in Pakistan. Take the time to chat with your team of hard-working porters, cooks, and guides. If you bring a summer rated sleeping bag, you will be putting yourself in a potentially life-threatening situation. K2 is a fascinating mountain, and the world’s 2nd highest peak. View 4 eight-thousanders from Gondogoro Pass. Trip Code: Trip dates for 2020: K2-I: 01 June to 21 June 2020: Recommendation: Fujifilm X-T3. Down jackets provide excellent insulation for those chilly nights at camp and early morning starts on the trail. Switzerland Hiking The Matterhorn. Trek leader Dan Mazur has been to K2 basecamp 8 times and is a K2 summiter, placing … Airport transfers on first and last day. Also, gloves are mandatory for gripping the rope as the group descends Gondogoro La. In addition to providing warmth, the base layer gives you much-needed protection from the searing Karakoram sun. It is actually a purifier, which means that it removes bacteria, heavy metals, viruses, and countless other invisible devils hell-bent on ruining your hike. For experienced adventurers looking to escape the crowds found in Nepal and around Everest, tackling the K2 Base Camp trek is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a kind of magic, beauty, and local culture not found anywhere else on our planet. After leaving the small farming village of Askole, the trail enters Central Karakoram National Park, where trekkers will spend the next few days making their way to the Baltoro Glacier. Unlike trekking in Nepal or Patagonia, you cannot just show up and do the K2 trek on your own. Be sure to not overpack your duffle (it’s easy to do) as you will have to pay more for porter services if the bag weighs more than 12 kilos. We've assembled a list of all the best Black Friday deals for travelers, RIGHT HERE. Bring your favorite assortment of snacks from home and chow down during trail breaks. Take your time when walking on sketchy stretches of the glacier. All of this sounds complicated, but in reality, it is a fairly straight forward process. This means that including guests, guides, porters, cooks, and pack animals a campsite could host more than 150 people at any one time. Check out my full review of the best down jackets. This will make things easier when it comes to getting all of the final permitting done just before the trek since the visa is specifically for trekking and mountaineering activities. K2 Base Camp and the Gondogoro La Trek-22nd July - Lee called today to report that the team are all relaxing back in Skardu after a long 7 hour journey. This insulation provides you with the ability to lock in your body heat, even when temperatures fall to freezing or below. Also on the expedition were Walter Bonatti and Pakistani Hunza porter Amir Mehdi, who both proved vital to the expedition’s success in that they carried oxygen tanks to 8,100 meters (26,600 ft) for Lacedelli and Compagnoni. Recommendation: Buried in the Sky: Extraordinary Story of the Sherpa Climbers on K2’s Deadliest Day. As always, BREAK YOUR BOOTS IN BEFORE COMING TO PAKISTAN. What a fantastic trek! Waterproof gloves are best. Perhaps along with my favorite hiking boots, having my Grayl Geopress was probably the single most important piece of gear I brought with me. Our extensive K2 base camp gear list includes everything you’ll need for this epic trek to the second-highest mountain on Earth. Some of the wildest and most dramatic landscapes on earth are found in the vast, rugged Karakoram Range situated in Northern Pakistan. This permit allows you to travel into the National Park, which lies in a restricted military area, as the park borders China to the north and India to the east. In my opinion, though, it is much better to have them than to not, especially if you are going to attempt Gondogoro La in August you will almost 100% not need them as there is no ice present. As of 2019, no expedition has ever made a successful winter ascent, despite numerous attempts. I can promise you that. GBP You will not be allowed to enter the Central Karakoram National Park (where K2 and the other 8,000 meter peaks in the area are located) without a guide. Join Epic Backpacker Tours in 2021 and prepare for best the adventure of your life. The K2 base camp trek is a stunning journey to the foot of a legendary mountain. In all likelihood, there are only a few places where you will really need them: Concordia to K2, Concordia to Ali Camp, Ali Camp – Gondogoro La. Towering mountain peaks, cerulean glacier pools, remote wilderness, Balti culture, alpine passes, comrades to adventure with, I mean, what else do you need? 9 Days / 8 Nights (1 Review) Be observant of your surroundings and do not take unnecessary risks. You only need the helmet for the few hours you are descending the La, but it could certainly save your life if you are unlucky enough to be struck by a large stone. As far as I know -no other operators are running K2 BC trips this year. Bring a positive attitude and your patience A-game, and try not to take yourself or the situation too seriously. Update June 2020: The Pakistani Government has just introduced a new visa scheme for trekking and mountaineering in the Karakoram. One of the main aspects is to have an open mind and a flexible attitude to participate in this trekking … You can also hike in the fleece without getting totally overheated. Do your best to wash your hands regularly and/or use hand sanitizer after using the toilet and before eating. Over the years, K2 has developed a reputation as one of the most difficult and dangerous 8,000-meter peaks to climb in the world. Check out my full Arc’teryx  Beta AR review. 0. Camera: For capturing the raw awesomeness of the Karakoram of course. Time to lace up your alpine boots amigos. It also offers 90 … Skardu is the largest city in Baltistan. Your tour operator can help you with all of the information you need to apply. At least the process should be straight forward if you choose a solid tour operator to go with. From $2,100 $1,700. The K2 Base Camp Trek is no walk in the park but when you know what trekking at high altitude entails, you will respect the trek, but you won't find it necessarily difficult. The gear shops are located on the main road of the main bazaar, pretty close to the large, colorful Jamia Imamia Mosque. Recommendation: REI Lightweight Base Layer Bottoms, Sun Hat and Warm Hat/Beanie: Hats are a personal preference. One of our objectives is to visit K2 Base Camp (approx 5150m) and the Gilkey Memorial, a spectacular full day trip from camp.The most exciting day of this trek as you walk past Broad peak and get nearer to K-2 and arrive at the strip which is the most popular camping area for nearly all the expeditions to K-2. On this dedicated website we offer fixed departures for trekking to K2 base camp and K2 Gondogoro La Trek. Out here though the fierce sun is much more ideal than a thick blanket of cloud obscuring all of the best views and big peaks. More information. At the end of Baltoro glacier is Concordia which is known as “Throne Room of Mountain Gods”. 6. Under the new scheme – all parties planning on going to K2 BC or entering central Karakoram National Park will need to apply for the Trekking and Mountaineering Visa. The best thing to do though is to properly prepare for factors within your control. Satellite messenger devices also require a monthly paid subscription. One lightweight pair for most trekking days, and a thicker, warmer pair for the higher altitudes. Without it, you cannot securely clip into the fixed rope. Warm/Multisport Trekking Pants – Lightweight trekking pants won’t keep your legs warm in freezing temperatures or wind the wind rips across the valley floor. Make sure that the company you go with has an emergency plan in place. Fleece: The fleece layer is likely to be your most commonly used torso layer. They leak, get clammy inside, and will result in your down jacket and other layers below getting wet. Expedition bags are typically very tough, weather-resistant, and are very easy for the porters to strap onto the mules. Please, don’t be “that person” who shows up with a summer sleeping bag, no down jacket, and city trainers. Expedition Duffle Bag: These bags are great for keeping the majority of your “camp” stuff organized. Lastly k2 base camp trek cost depends on the services provided. It’s all about helping out our tribe of awesome backpacker readers [that’s you!]. Stay in touch with your family, friends, partner, or whoever else you want from the comfort of your tent. Thanks for your support. 23 Days / 22 Nights (1 Review) St. Moritz Ski Packages. Trekking Shirts (3-4): Go with something synthetic. Luxury operators are always foreign companies who understand very well how to run an execute a very comfortable and well-planned trek. Trekking Poles: I am a firm believer in the importance of using trekking poles. Whoever eventually manages a winter ascent on K2 will become immortalized forever in mountaineering lore, that is for certain. By the end of the trek, they will be rank though, be sure. Congratulations to the K2 Base Camp Trekkers. Being too dark to ascend or descend, Mehdi and Bonatti were forced to overnight without shelter above 8,000 meters leaving the oxygen tanks behind as requested when they descended. With the Adventure tour K2 Base Camp Trek, you have a 21 days tour package taking you through Islamabad, Pakistan and 2 other destinations in Pakistan. Keep in mind that almost every tour company without fail provides each guest with a 12-kilo porter budget. You will use this backpack to carry your daily essentials like water, rain gear, clothing layers, snacks, your camera, suncream, and passport. K2 Base Camp trek is a beautiful trek located in the Karakoram range of Pakistan. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. People mingle about, sipping steaming cups of chai. We are a hometown company providing dedicated and complete destination services for K2 base camp trek, Gondogoro La Trek and additional trails (including numerous mountain passes) in the Karakoram Range. I only link to stuff I’ve actually used and never endorse products or services that are not up to scratch. Go for a 0 degree F bag. It is a strenuous but an action-packed and demanding circular trek (Gondogoro La Map). 4. Let’s get to know what it takes to get to the base of the Savage Mountain. The season in the Karakoram is short and to maximize your chance for clear views and a successful Gondogoro La crossing, you’ll need to be strategic about when you start the trip. The 1954 Italian Karakoram expedition finally succeeded in ascending to the summit of K2 via the Abruzzi Spur on 31 July 1954. K2 Base Camp Trek gives great views of four 8,000m peaks and is thought by many to be one of the best high mountain treks in the world. Nothing is worse than trying to trek with an upset belly obtained from drinking dirty water. Concordia is home to one of the best campsites I have ever been to, with 360-degree views of almost every major peak in the area including Gasherbrum 4, Broad Peak, Marble Peak, Mitre Peak, and of course the impressive, swirling cloud-capped K2 in all her glory. You will not have air beds and caviar, but you will have the trekking experience of your life in comfort with an experienced team for a reasonable price. Keep in mind that your guide should have a satellite phone with them for emergencies. We also welcome personalized plan requests from groups and individuals. Confirm the group has a satellite phone, radio, and other communication devices. Since the maximum altitude gained on the K2 trek is around 5,600 m, you’ll need to be covered up to that elevation. The wait times were long; the process complicated, and for certain nationalities, it was pretty expensive. Make sure the gloves are not bulky and that you are able to have some decent dexterity. Obtaining the NOC can take anywhere between 3 weeks and 2 months to complete, as there is only one office in Islamabad that processes these permits. Book with us now! Hopefully, this K2 Base Camp trek guide will help you prepare to have an awesome adventure of your own! The K2 Base Camp trek is an expedition-style trek, which means everything you will need for the two weeks you are away from civilization must be carried with you and your team of porters. 4. Just kidding, but seriously, you could. Also, the guides only run the generator at night for a few hours (to provide lighting), so your time to charge stuff is quite limited. Once you have your visa in hand, all you need to do is send a copy of your passport and visa approval notice to your tour operator and they will start the process of applying for the NOC. You will also need a sling with a locking carabiner attached. Trekking Boots: Perhaps the single most important piece of kit you pack is your hiking boots. Nuts, jerky, energy gels, Cliff bars, dark chocolate, superfood powder, bliss balls… these are all solid snack foods. Alpine Boots: Having a good pair of alpine boots with you will only be a benefit when the going gets tough (and the trail is covered in snow). Crampons: Crampons are not mandatory for the K2 trek. I began to search for climbing and trekking groups in Pakistan and found a K2 Base Camp Trek event. 4-5 pairs are all you need. There is not a whole lot to see and do in Skardu before you start the trip, but a visit to the Kharpocho Fort and Buddha rock are well worth it. Base Layer Top: I don’t think I took my base layer off for the entire two weeks I was hiking to K2 Base Camp. Any person with some hiking/trekking experience can be a part of this trek Once you leave the end-of-the-line village of Askole on day one of the trek, there are no permanent human settlements (apart from a ragtag army base near Concordia). Max. Trekking Time (Return) Broad BC: 5-6 hours. Still, though, you can find things like trekking clothes, helmets, crampons, climbing equipment, trekking poles, and the like. Hot Trip. They are well worth it in my opinion as I used mine nearly every day en route to K2. K2 Base Camp & Concordia is considered to be one of the world’s great treks with breathtaking scenery unsurpassed anywhere else in the high mountains. Check out my review of the best hiking boots. Sleeping Pad: Most tour operators provide you with a sleeping pad. Any earlier than that and you risk ending up with poor weather/snowfall, limited views, and lots of snowpack above 4500 meters. A rain shell is the key to a successful layering system as they function as a sort of warmth seal in addition to acting as a barrier to the elements. This camp was not only used by Sir Francis Younghusband in 1887, but Eric Shipton’s expedition called the camp home as well. The area is simply unspoiled, like the way it was found by Younghusband and Shipton. The K2 Base Camp Trek is an epic and challenging trek to the base camp of the second highest mountain in the world! Trekking to K2 Base Camp is the most popular trekking holiday for foreign trekkers visiting Pakistan. Buff: This tiny piece of fabric may not seem useful or necessary, but once you have integrated a Buff into your gear kit, there is no going back. Nestled deep in the Karakoram range of Northern Pakistan lies a mountain or should I say a series of legendary mountains steeped in mystery, cloud, and ice. Don’t stress! If you don’t mind being around people in the middle of a remote mountain range, then you will love the camaraderie. Trekking Time (Return) K2 BC: 9-11 hours. They do make for a good barrier to the cold ground (you are sleeping on a glacier for most of the trek), but in terms of comfort, I’ll just say that you feel the rocks beneath you. Recommendation: Smartwool Merino Sport 150. From the top (if the weather is clear) the views are second to none. When your power bank runs low, you can charge it or your other electronics on the generator. K2 Gondogoro La Trek involves trekking first over the Upper Baltoro glacier and later on the Vigne glacier before ascending and crossing the Gondogoro la/pass (5585 m). K2 is the second highest mountain, and is thought by many to be the best base camp trek in the world. These two incredible trekking routes mentioned above which were once considered harsh proposals are now considered good challenges by hiking and trekking enthusiasts from around the world. During the trek to K2 and back trekking groups stop off at a series of seasonal camps, set apart at intervals with reasonable elevation gains. Bring snacks: The availability of quality snack food in Skardu is very limited. Depending on the time of year, a group will have to share the campsite with two or three other groups. From Concordia, one has two options to finish the trek. Skardu to Askole by jeep takes between 7-9 hours with a lunch stop. A Good Book: This is almost an essential item! Avoid cotton socks at all costs! One can expect reasonable comforts such as chairs, tables, nice tents, a generator to charge electronics, a plentiful food budget, excellent pre-tour communication, visa support, and a western trekking guide to accompany the local Balti mountain guides. Every licensed tour operator offering the K2 Base Camp trek can issue the LOI and other supporting documents you need to apply for your visa. A nice pair of trekking socks will mean the difference between making yourself susceptible to blisters or not. K2 Base Camp prides itself on providing quality gear at unbeatable prices with brands such as La Sportiva, Lowe Alpine, Outdoor Research, eXped and many more. CAD Licensed Mountain Guide (government requirement) 2. This can come to a bit of a shock to those seeking a true wilderness experience, but it is the reality. It is from here that they buy the food, organize the porters and jeeps, finalize the NOC permits, and purchase any last-minute good needed for the trek. The K2 Base Camp trek is an expedition-style trek, which means everything you will need for the two weeks you are away from civilization must be carried with you and your team of porters. Budget Operators opt to drive as it is considerably cheaper—yet another reason to avoid budget operators. From there, you will depart to the scenic town of Skardu and on to the village of Askole, where the real adventure begins! Be sure to contact EBT for availability and any questions that remain unanswered after reading this guide. Other companies offering K2 treks camp no higher than Concordia and 'offer' clients the chance to trek to K2 Base Camp and back in a single, extremely long day. a big thank you to all of the family, friends, colleagues, and sponsors who supported them We look forward to seeing you on next year's K2BasecampTrek and Pastore Peak (trekking peak near K2). A sleeping bag is one of those things. This is truer if you are crossing later in the day and the warm sun is melting ice high above on the mountain. Having just returned from my K2 base camp trek in Pakistan, I thought it would be helpful to share my complete K2 base camp gear list as a point of reference for future trekkers.. Avoid cotton. Below is a list of helpful tips to maximize your chance for an awesome few weeks in the mountains…. Ready to give up yet? While I prepared for the trip, I … Your tour operator should sort this out for you. From $2,200 $1,600. From $2,000 $1,700. 5 Nights Hotels, 14 Nights Camping, 14 Days Demanding Trekking. Go with a good tour operator: The most crucial decision you will make regarding the K2 trek revolves around which company you go with. For most of the trip they have been walking 7-8 hours a day so they will enjoy the chance to wind down in Islamabad when they fly back there tomorrow. Also, bring a warm hat/beanie for the cold temperatures, Recommendation: Patagonia Fitz Roy Trucker. Far from it. The K2 Base Camp trek is a MUST for anybody serious about taking on one of the least frequented long-distance hikes in the world. I found that there are three tiers of quality when it comes to this trek: budget operators, mid-level operators, and luxury operators. Temperatures can plummet well below freezing at any time of the year, especially around Concordia, Goro 2, and Ali Camp. Up at the higher elevations though, I found them to be very handy and practical. 8. I took two pairs with me. All domestic flights and transfers. Walk to Concordia (4,500 m). K2 is the world’s second highest mountain soaring sky high at 28,251 feet in Pakistan’s Northern most region; Gilgit-Baltistan. You must have experience using this backpack. The flight from Islamabad takes 45 minutes and offers up killer views of Nanga Parbat and other major peaks in the area. Jeeps are needed to reach a far-flung outpost on the edge of civilization at Askole. A majority of the trek is spent walking on the mighty Baltoro Glacier (about 65 KM) until it comes to the confluence with the Godwin-Austen Glacier. JPY. We are the base camp for trekking in the Karakoram mountains. Epic Backpacker Tours is next running a trip to K2 Base Camp in July 2021. As the name suggests, this hike is a trek to the base of the K2 mountain (Balti name: Chogori). Hard Shell/Rain Jacket: When the going gets wet, windy, snowy or all three, you need a way to lock in your warmth and keep yourself dry. Start and end in Islamabad! A quick Google search will reveal a plethora of tour companies offering to fulfill your dreams of completing the K2 Base Camp trek. For a high price, you can expect several western guides and several Balti guides, a very well stocked mess tent (maybe even with espresso), excellent/plentiful meals, high-end camp chairs, table cloths, air mattresses, white linens (not really)…and maybe a golden toilet? July is typically the best month to do this trek. Plus, nobody wants to be cold for days on end. The team included a Pakistani member, Colonel Muhammad Ata-Ullah, who had been a part of the 1953 American expedition. Underwear (4-6 pairs): Your call. K2 base camp trek mainly involves walking over and marching along the world’s 5th longest non-polar glacier i.e. Stay dry amigos. I like to wear cotton myself as they breath better than synthetic. Bandaids (plasters), wet wipes, hand sanitizer, lip balm, suncream, antibiotic cream, and electrolyte tabs are all crucial personal supplies to have in the mountains. On this new MT Sobek extreme adventure, join legendary mountain guide Sergio Fitch Watkins to K2 Advance Base Camp, a coveted destination for trekkers around the world.

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