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"Thank you. I can come back to your organization. I just received my dentures and I started to cry, because they look so amazing. ", "I just wanted to say thank you for sending me the dentures way sooner than expected. ", "Thank you so so much, perfect fit and I'm getting used to it, again amazing that your work improved my life so much. Love my new teeth. I gave her your website. Awesome job guys!!!! Can't thank you enough for such quality dentures. I feel complete again until I finish this implant process. I literally cried when I first put the partials in. '���+>�l7v�. ☆ ADA & FDA-registered☆ We offer flexible valplast partials ☆ For more info, click: LOWPRICEDENTURES.COM. They fit amazingly well! ", "Thank you so much for your professional work on my partial! It’s important to take good care of your dentures so they stay fresh and comfortable in your mouth. My son passed away a year ago. I will refer you to everyone I know", “They fit wonderful! Got full set of teeth for about $500. from GRANITEVILLE, SC "I want you to know that I received these yesterday and I couldn’t be happier! Add to cart; Clear Retainer Partial Smile $ 259.00 – $ 499.00. I give this company 6 stars for the service, I am impressed. BUY $280 DENTURES at They are: ☆ High quality ☆ Comfortable ☆ Improve health, smile & confidence! I would recommend your company to everyone. GO FOR IT! Minimum hot water adjustment. ", "I can't thank you enough for the care that went into making my partial dentures. I got the dentures in about two weeks, and can eat with them. I hope I can add before and after pics. Will leave you guys good reviews on Yelp and google! ", "I just received my lower partials in the mail yesterday. THANK YOU SO MUCH! ", "Upper partial denture fits perfectly and looks great", “I was a little skeptical of these dentures when ordering. I love them." But, other than that it's amazing to have done business with them! "OH MY GOODNESS!!! Thanks from home dental for making the partial for my dental needs. They fit incredibly well. Thank you so much! ". received my partial denture today and I absolutely love them. ��� ���ͮ[@���IX�d�q���i�4X�m�����p�������p4�O��i�'k�W����μ~�'��-}�'3�(�yQr���%t ����F=����mF3��!���x��`���u#o�EN�� > u����Vss��x=��n�ͭΰ7hl9�Fo��:龚ӽm'H����x4`0�9��\A_��츆���=E:qEc�G�G���}զ�we@{���`��N��n� I9��КB��r#k5Y��Z�ng��\��Iə�$^�=p"�6��ĉ.�j��"�Z�Q�O76�F�A��H�e���������яq4`�&�) L����:�S�|l���qƟ�� �x_��v�4���3��]���-�����? This can also make flexible dentures less likely to get broken. Good job! ", "Just received them. Thank you! On the other hand, there are many disadvantages of flexible partial dentures and plenty of benefits of FOY® Dentures. The People who work there are awesome to work with. The overall rating of the company is 2.0 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. Strong Liner. "I bought a partial from in the past and wanted to tell you it fit perfectly. Partial Dentures. You may need to wear the same-day dentures for the first two to three months after your dental extraction. Got the dentures...just awesome...great workmanship. I highly recommend Low Priced Dentures. Partial dentures can either be removable or permanent. Thank you again. Most people have difficulty adapting to a removable complete lower denture. You can't even tell! I cant thank you enough!!! Thank you for the top notch, customer service!!". I am so happy with the customer service I have received and the work that were put into these. My family says I have my famous smile back. Majestic Drug Denture Reliner Kit. Flexilytes Dentures are as strong as they are beautiful. I would recommend getting a partial denture/ or flipper on the website. Thank you thank you thank you. Just amazing and a God send. Cast Metal Partial Denture. They look as real as the ones you'd find at the dentist, without the astronomical pricing. Adopting a daily cleaning routine is an essential part of keeping them looking their best. They fit well and comfortable. Originally I paid $1000 for each partial from a company my dentist recommended. Easy to follow instructions. Thank you for making my smile complete again. They are hideous. Thanks for doing a great job with excelent customer service.I will recomend you and share the website with friends and family. It is attached to a gum-colored plastic base connected by a metal framework. ", "Received my dentures and they are PERFECT!!! A removable partial denture consists of replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored plastic base, which is sometimes connected by metal framework that holds the denture in place in the mouth. Affordable Dentures ranks 52 of 379 in Dentistry category. I'll recommend you in a heartbeat. ", "I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my partials. While at a dentist’s office a removable partial denture will cost an average of around $1,700 but by ordering your custom teeth devices online you can save over 75% in treatment costs. Once I got all the impressions and the money together. "I received my partial today and it fits great. Kinda walked me through the process. 4.5 out of 5 stars (1,235) 1,235 reviews $ 50.00. The main advantage of wearing immediate dentures is that they protect your gums while healing after a dental extraction. Partial dentures online will cost you only $437, including shipping. "Thank you very much for the partial Dentures you made for me, they're excellent!" Thank you. They fit perfectly, needed no adjustments. My teeth fit perfect. ", "Hi there! Fits very well and feels GREAT so far!! ($145.00 for denture impression kit plus $150.00 for the finished product/denture made). I eat better. I just got the money together for the second set. They fit great and I love them thank you so much. Thanks for helping me to achieve the natural look I've been wanting for years at a fair cost. ", "I just wanted to email you to let you know I received the upper dentures which I recently purchased for my boyfriend. My dentist wanted to charge me thousands to do the same thing so I took a chance at doing this myself for a fraction of the cost. Not only did I receive my partials two whole days earlier but they're even MORE beautiful than anticipated! ", "This has been so much more pleasant than the trip to the dentist and I look forward to promoting it on my lifestyle blog", "I received my order, it was perfect timing for father's day, my dad can smile again, they're perfect fit :), Thank you for the great job you did, we will spread the word and share your website. R.D. There is no adjustments needed. I will be placing an order shortly for top partials. Flexible - Partial Denture Finally! Thanks for such a terrific experience with a great company. Thank you for the best fit, best material, and professionalism. I have my confidence back again.”, "I received my partial today. Your customer service is amazing! Their perfect fit. I will definitely tell people about you. I feel like you guys care about your customers....and therefore make sure to do a great job! Then I found Low-priced flexible dentures online. I was so sad all the time. The overall rating of the company is 1.0 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. Well I paid $2000 for the set, I lost one, which led me here. So get your denture online for only $280 at These are truly wonderful. Depressed to smile and even talk to strangers. I'm very happy. Flexible partial dentures are dental prosthesis made of thermoplastic nylon resin called polyamides used in professional dentistry since 1954. Words cannot express my gratitude!!!! Brush the entire denture, not just the teeth, before you place the dentures into your mouth [11] X Research source While cleaning, make sure to do it over a sink or basin of water or towel. You so much", "Thank you so much! GOD Bless them for being there to help. WOW WOW WOW.PERFECT FIT FEEL GREAT LOOK GREAT. ", "WOW thank very much! When ready to order, just go to our "Web Store" on this web site. ", "Received my partial and they are amazing and excellent work! I will recommend you. Thank you so much! And they are AMAZING. They get a bad reputation but partial dentures can be a real game-changer for people who are struggling with missing teeth. They are so nice and made me feel confident in my choice. Lift the clasps. ", "Thank you very much, I love it, it was well worth my money", "Hurray Grandma got her teeth today. I paid in full for a partial denture 6/24/2019 at the Baton Rouge location. Followed directions and put them in my mouth, lower fit was excellent, upper very, very good. Dental Lab Direct announces that Flexible Partial Dentures are now available OVER THE INTERNET for $ 3 9 0, for individuals with a need for a space to be filled where a tooth once was. You're amazing thank you", " I got the perfect set from you a few months ago and lost them. They fit perfect I have my full set of teeth again i couldn't be more happier and I definitely recommend these for people who need them. Worked great! ", "Received my denture today!! The temporary dentures are beautiful and I can't wait to see the permanent ones… ", "Thank you! ", "Low Price Dentures are WONDERFUL. I am so happy I did. Removable partial dentures replace one or more teeth, while full dentures replace all the teeth in a jaw. It is so much more comfortable than the last one and I thought that one was good! Truly a super organization. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Be careful and try to research these reviews". ", "The first one fit great can this be compared to the first one for fit just with 2 extra teeth on the right side", "They are by far the best I have had to date", "I received my partial dentures today. My spirit has been renewed. The cast metal partial denture is stronger, less bulky and offers a great fit. Affordable Dentures author review … They fit perfectly (very comfortable) and look great!!! ", "I received my partials today and they fit perfect.They are very well made and blend with my gums where you can't tell they are dentures.No more metal! I have been wearing partials over 50 years and the previous partials I have bought had to be worked on the be made to work. I love my teeth! You all are awesome! ", "Got my partial today and I couldn't be happier! They are very natural in color to his other teeth and he is once again very proud to smile! Thank you again. ", "I had a great experience dealing with Lowpriceddentures, I was worried about the quality of the products, but I I had a wonderful experience and I’m so impressed with your perfect accuracy results and thank you for the amazing job. Super comfort. Please keep up the amazing work. I will tell everyone I know about you guys. It fits and looks beautiful  I will be ordering another one very soon so I have a back up. The dentures are super snug, and great quality. Better than the last pair, which I got actual dentist. Affordable Dentures was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Feb 27, 2008 and since then this brand received 934 reviews.. Thank you so much! I am very happy about how it all worked out for me. Very pleased. They can be either full or partial dentures as the case may be. There often seems to be no shortage of issues … Select options; Essix Plus Professional Dental Orthodontic Retainers $ 110.00. I wish all merchants were the same way! And the best part…the price; my dentist wanted to charge me $600 for the same night guard! Just told me he hardly knows he is wearing them. I am so happy I made this decision to give Low-Priced Flexible Dentures a try! ", "Wow, I am so impressed with the new partials that came today. I put them in my mouth right away and they fit perfectly. I am feeling better and the couple of adjustments I had to do, they fit perfect. I will be certain to write a recommendation on your website. ", "I am quite pleased with the lower I have received.". ", "I got them today and they're perfect, thank you so much. The best!!! I Highly recommend them! I like my denture. ", "Just got my uppers. ", "Great, thank you so much! I will send you a testimonial and picture. ", "I love my dentures they fit real well! From the bottom of my heart-thank you!! I'm not even joking at all....if you're like me, you're kind of skeptical of buying things online, especially something expensive and important like dentures. � ��ْ�J� ���Y�*��DƜ�&�$�I27���䰹���!�0� �ȁ�Lһ�tZ�/�+3 ��5��W�տ�ЦO�/ � 8""�LVƮbF ��ݗ/_�|�~���ý7���q2 ��'�c�t�`͛���q�����&^⠲���>���k{�4���b�Y���Z�'� l���(���dho��`?�Ѷ������*@��j�ݵ����I�~��I��9��#�6G��{м��?�՛���wۦ�1���^�����,��gg����ީ?�l��f�S?���N���5k�����Ā�C?y�̓� F��=p�x����\'��[����zV��غ{vvVw�����ɽm+�N-��:8���Z�K�QW+�\%�|۸���ˆҟ:�^���:? I received my denture today, they look great! When I went to try them on they bothered me. They are much more comfortable and I can talk better in this pair, Thank you so very much. I had a snap on smile and it was horrible compared to this. Here’s how you can remove partial dentures. I am going to church this week!! – Matt S. JESSEDENTLLC. they fit very well and I really like them. But when I got them there perfect. Minimal hot water adjustment. Removable partial dentures are tooth-replacement devices made of durable resin and plastic. We offer high quality flexible partial dentures for the best price! This advanced compound is injected under high pressure and then heat-cured into a personalized form developed for each individual patient. Best I ever had. It looks so natural. I needed to use the hot water to adjust slightly but overall nice tight fit and no part hurts in any way. Like natural teeth, removable partial or full dentures require proper care to remove food, plaque and to keep them free from stains. ", "Awesome!!! Disadvantages of Flexible Dentures. Be well and God Bless. I don't know how you did such a wonderful job been that you never even got to see what you're working with while you were working with. ", "Thank you, I got it and my dad is so impressed with your perfect accuracy results and he thank you for the amazing job. What are Partial Dentures? Dentists use flexible dentures to replace one or more of your missing teeth either in the upper or lower jaw. They fit and look fantastic", "Received my dentures today THANK YOU....fits great and the tooth looks so real...", "I love my denture! They have changed my life! The front teeth look exactly like my real teeth use to look, same color. It may take several days for your tongue to get used to device and then your speech will return to normal. You guys are the best! I had a partial before that I lost. ", "I cannot express my happiness. When cleaning your dentures, you should typically avoid … This is part of my job. Partials are a much better option than a complete denture to replace lost teeth in your lower jaw if some natural teeth can be saved. It is amazing! Tried them on they went on effortlessly. Ate Sunday meals, same results. I will be ordering the bottom to complete my smile and get my health back on track soon. SO WELL DONE ! THEY ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE PARTIALS EVER!!!! ", Thank you so much for sending the dentures. If you have real teeth still remaining, upper or lower, partial dentures … Favorite Add to Make Your Dentures . ", "Hello, I received my denture yesterday, wanted to let you guys know I'm beyond happy with my purchase. Thanks for your great service. unbelievable. You guys are awesome! And every tooth went into place just perfect. Any of our mail order dentures, upper or lower, partial denture or full denture, - even immediate dentures are all $ 295.00 EACH! Super job, thanks so much! Thank you again and again. I really didnt want to go to school with no front teeth. Thanks for the Wonderful job!! Flexible Partial Denture can be worn 24 hours a day and can be worn while you are eating ; To insert or remove this teeth device, use both hands and push on or pull off evenly with your thumb and index finger. God bless you! When one side of the denture experiences more force than the other, the dentures just flex in the middle. A real pleasure doing business with your company. Which you choose will depend on your personal needs, but all of the ones that we have listed are good. Partial dentures are essentially composed of dental bridges where the replacement teeth are attached to a gum-coloured base connected by wired frames. The cast metal and flexible partials are our best partials. They gave helpful advice and I felt like they really cared about me. The denture is made and customized to look as natural as possible to your original teeth. What else can I do for a company who values their customers? The guarantee period begins upon insert of final denture or hard reline and refund request must be submitted within 90 days thereafter. To fix my teeth with permanent bridges or implants probably would cost me about 20K. Very thorough and precise with ensuring the impressions are correct, thereby providing an excellent fit!!! The only thing I wish is that they could do full dentures for my husband.. WORTH EVERY PENNY!. ", "Just received my partial. ", "I just wanted to email you to let you know I received the upper dentures which I recently purchased for my boyfriend, Craig Nelson. Dentures Online Overview. In just the few hours I've had them, I can honestly say I'm thrilled. I have to tell everyone about your company. p.s. I placed the order and here are the results! ", "I like the uppers I just got and will have money for the bottoms in a few weeks and would like to get the bottoms also", "Thank you so much! Thank you so much for your help. Can't wait to show my friends! ", "My new upper and lower partials came today. A couple of months ago I was fitted with partial dentures, top and bottom. I would like to have a spare. ", "I have given my acquaintance your "online denture smile" as they are interested as well. To remove the partial denture, lift the clasps on both sides of the denture … Dentures-4-Less is a dentistry practice founded by Dr. Keith F. Theodore that offers quality dentures at a price that beats competitors in the Baltimore-Washington area. ☆ We serve the whole USA ! The best partial dentures available are the ones that we have listed. We hope that you enjoy your new dentures! ", "I was a little intimidating about taking the casts. How to order your Removable Partial Denture online? ", "Ty ty from Texas!! I was hoping you still had the impressions to make an exact set. ", "I just tried them on first time- They FIT MARVELOUSLY! ", "Hi I got my partial I can't say enough about the great job you did thank you so much I’m a happy customer! It fits and looks so nice. And I got them all day before my birthday. Select options; Clip-On Discreet Veneers $ 299.95 – $ 595.99. Thank you so much!! I pray for your continued prosperity in helping so many of us who have not smiled for years. I'm just so happy. They are amazing!!! ", "Thank you they are wonderful I am impressed", "I cannot thank you enough my plate seems to fit I'm so grateful thank you", "I got my partial today. It is a simple, four-step procedure: If you have missing teeth and no real issues with your mouth. They're made from one of the lightest, most durable materials ever created for dentures. Partial dentures only reside in a part of your mouth where there’s a gap between your teeth. This site has been a gift from God. Got my partials. Unlike Full Dentures, Partial Dentures do not require the extraction of all the patient's teeth. My flexible dentures fit like a glove and the color is spot on! Before this I had problems smiling and eating with missing teeth. I am VA and had one done that never fit. Great product and excellent customer service! A Way You can Eliminate the Dentist and Save yourself Hundreds of Dollars by dealing Directly with the Dental Lab! Even had conversation with no problems speaking. Would highly recommend Flexible Dentures to anyone who wants a great smile at a reasonable price! It's so much better than the one I had made by a local dentist that altered my speech so much I just gave up wearing it. You are a blessing to all of us that cannot afford expensive dental visits. Care Partial Dentures. They are very professional and they truly care that you are happy. A+++ Rating", "I got my teeth and I absolutely love them!! Thank you so much. Please check with the practice nearest you to learn which partials they provide. They are absolutely beautifully done and look amazing. All I have to say is wow. I could not be happier with the service and the quality of the finished partials. Thank you!! How did you do that? Thank you again!!! Denture Money-Back Guarantee applies to all full and partial dentures and covers the cost of the permanent denture(s) only. "Received my lower partial today and it fits perfect. The dentures came out perfect. ", "My first use of your dentures was a life changing experience", "Item was received quickly. This is due to an in-house lab which can manufacture your dentures within one-business day. Couldn’t be happier with the quality and professionalism shown by this company. I have order dentures 3- times from them and every time the dentures fit GREAT and Feel good. My entire family has said they can't tell which teeth are the replaced teeth they match so perfect. Thank you", "Thank you so much for the incredible work you have done! I am so happy that I can confidently smile again. Thanks so much. ", "Hello, I am a previous customer and have been very happy with my partial denture. I would recommend these folks over any in office procedure. They blend in perfectly with my teeth and are nice and sharp to eat with as well, even though I still take them out when eating … y'all are the best!! Thanks so much for putting a good smile again in my face. Disadvantages of Removable Partial Dentures There is a break-in time to get used to having a partial in your mouth. God Bless! Select options; Bright White Teeth Whitening Pen $ 14.95. !�'hX����7t�5ky�k�z�>�և�r����D>��{�8A��ÿ4{�^����,'~��׬����P�0����Sq6�.8�Y��I8�mhg͊�/��l5���Ӿ�g��6tNqw�IE�5Z�>��xĘ��m�����B�.�Jo��߬Rv�V66 1F��B �)ŀ֡h��B�Vڦn�.k��^��v뼝��b�b���^�.���ę�C/NR@�A�S���W�$����"��x{� Have a good day, and God bless you. So, thanks so much. I look better. They fit great and are minimally uncomfortable. You guys are heaven sent. ", "I wanted you to know that I'm pretty happy with the product!”, "Just got the adjusted partials best one yet! Can I order another you still have the impressions? GOD bless you. They fit like a glove. Awesome ", "I have had you make me a partial and love it! "Thank you for creating a beautiful upper partial for me", "Received my flexible denture & it's a perfect fit. Highly recommended. from WAHIAWA, HI "Thank you very much for the high quality dentures and workmanship. I have literally been a prisoner in my home because I could not afford the cost of replacing missing teeth with the dentist and I was so embarrassed to be out in public with missing teeth. I ordered the partial dentures and you really do get what you paid for. In his memory I am donating a kidney after Christmas. ", "Your customer service is exceptional i thank you for that. From … Use denture tooth paste, denture creams, or denture soaking solution. Nice job guys. I really appreciate you guys. I'm telling everybody. I have no complaints, and only good things to say about them. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND MERRY CHRISTMAS. Some partials have clasps to hold them in place. ����P������e�I�t������? My loss of my other partial destroyed my confidence and my health was failing due to not being able to eat properly. Full and partial dentures start at only $199, after extractions. M.D. My sister wants hers done now. I haven't smiled that much in years. But this company came through 100%. I’m thrilled with my new teeth. Way way better. I figured I probably had to get used to it. ", "They fit very well and the color is perfect! I'll leave a review in a few days when I get a chance. What a great job you do. If you have a few missing teeth that are affecting how you talk or eat, it may be time to consider getting a partial denture. Very, very pleased! I love the partials you made for me", "Truly life changing!!! ", "Thank you so much they look like my real teeth. ", "They knew I was starting school in less than a few weeks....and despite the date coming before their deadline, theygot my dentures to me on time for my first day of class. Now I can smile beautiful.. ty and God bless you", "thank you for a great job on my upper partial. Ate meals today, same results. On the other hand, partial dentures are made by bringing together a base, which is generally the colour of the gums, and a framework (often metal) to hold the denture in place in the mouth. A partial denture, or partials, is a removable tooth-replacement treatment and is a good alternative to dental bridges that are fixed in place. Top or bottom partials, one or two teeth partials, your dentist will know which are best and help you to make an informed choice. These folks were so patient with me. ", "Thank you for this! I had spoken with you earlier about another set of dentures since the first set fit so well. Partials : You must have at least 10 existing teeth on your upper and 10 existing teeth on your lower to order this product. These dentures are called immediate or same-day dentures. ", "I am sooooo impressed. I hesitated to identify which one was my real teeth after putting them in. Your partial dentures online order is shipped via USPS and we provide you with the tracking number. Hope, should I need additional dentures in the future. The cost may be slightly higher than conventional acrylic partial denture because the fitting and finishing time at the lab is increased, but the result makes it well worth it. They look perfect and look just like my natural teeth. The color is also perfect! We offer both dentures and partials online; partials for patients that have more than 6 natural teeth do not require a bite registration (only upper and lower impressions). Dentures Online ranks 130 of 379 in Dentistry category. My new one from your company is perfect and has changed my eating habits. We need to make the next one exactly the same thank you so much", "HI! Now I can smile at my grandkids. We offer several types of partial dentures - cast metal, flexible and acrylic. Received my dentures today. Thank you very much for your very kind help and excellent workmanship. Basic Partial Smile $ 289.95 – $ 579.90. Thank you, very much ", "Hello! ", "This was such an easy process. I WILL TELL EVERYONE HOW YOU DID AN OUTSTANDING JOB! And I love them. You guys are true professionals! ", "I just received my upper partial today and I could cry! I am very grateful. They fit perfectly, it makes such a difference! ", "TC - Florida Absolutely 150% satisfaction!!! I still can't believe I have them! Dentures Online was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Dec 02, 2013 and since then this brand received 4 reviews.

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